Aqueous by Renato D’Ettorre Architects


Aqueous is designed as a five bedroom villa a place to take refuge and to relax and enjoy the weather; to re-connect with the natural world and enjoy the pleasures of the senses.


The design responds to three key elements of the location:  light, air and water. It’s primarily concerned with the ambiguity between inside and outside, public and private assisted by the climate. To facilitate outdoor living, the design provides cool shaded, well ventilated spaces with cooling relief from the intense sun.


It is strictly modern in design, adopting a pavilion form with stackable sliding glass doors.  Wrapping around the pavilion is an expansive pool, creating a dramatic design element; it is vital for introducing water’s cooling and visual delight to the interior.  


Bold in size and elevation, the pool wraps around two sides of the pavilion enabling one to swim both at the edge of the pool overlooking landscaped gardens and the sea beyond and close to the living spaces, creating a strong zone between water and interior spaces. 


The large body of water also provides environmental benefits by reducing radiant heat allowing breezes to pass over water before entering the internal spaces bringing cool respite.  Water is an invigorating element con