Balance House by Jordi Hidalgo Tane 


The architecture of the house can be seen as the simplest expression and at the same time complex and rich when one discovers its inner world. 


It should be understood as a passage that moves the inhabitants from the access on the street to a place of privacy and intimacy.


The succession of unexpected views and spaces is not discovered until one moves through them. 


The spatial concept is based on a very basic zoning program, which led to an organization that combines enclosed spaces like the kitchen and service area on the ground floor as well as the upper bedroom area with the open spaces of living and dining on the ground floor. 


The two contradictory elements that both need the other in order to exist, are responsible for the geometrical shape.


The functional organization of the house is distributed on three floors. 


The day program on the ground floor contains the living room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast and a complimentary bedroom. 


On the first floor a library with a fireplace is an open space that connects the bedrooms on each side.


The night program on the first floor contains the master bedroom conceived as a suite with a bathroom and a dressing room. This bedroom is equipped with a fireplace.


It also contains a second bedroom with its own bathroom, and a laundry that could serve as a multipurpose room for study, an additional bedroom or storage.


The additional program located on the basement floor contains the garage, a room for storage, the studio/workshop, the home cinema, the wellness area, a wine cellar as well as technical rooms. 


The studio / workshop gets its natural light from a courtyard and is connected by a staircase to the upper terrace.

The vertical circulation between the three floors is resolved with an elegant spiral staircase.


The house is designed as a thick concrete roof that is balanced in the air with the aid of a rectangular support, which in turn belongs to a concrete base that rises from the ground. 


This roof functions as a huge porch located between the trees providing comfort and relaxation for the inhabitants. 


Light filters through the open top, between the wall and the angular roof coming into the room at strange angles animating the space by a contrast play of shadow and brightness. 


The huge glazed façades of the main spaces makes one feel like being outside but protected by the all-enclosing wall.


The concrete and brick surfaces of the building are nicely complemented with the bright green garden and colorful flowers which also liven up the terrace that is part of the garden.

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