Comporta, Portugal



Rui Pinto Gonçalves, RRJ Arquitectos



Mimesis, Architecture Visualization Studio




Located in Herdade da Comporta, in a parcel with 2700m2 of land and gross building area of 418m2, the house is a single floor, with a linear and continues construction. Formally, the house was shaped onto the terrain with its soft configuration, as well as to the existing vegetation, which preserves and reduces the impact on the landscape.  

The building has been implanted at the same height as the ground, encouraging the natural connection between interior and exterior. Windows were strategically placed to emphasize view points of the unique natural scenery.

The house has been organized from the social to private areas in a way that the living room, dining room and kitchen have been designed closest to the entrance. The further you go in to the house, the more private spaces appear. As a result of that, the five suites are more secluded.

The roof has different inclinations merging with the exterior walls in the north facade, reinforced by the continuity of the material. On the other hand, in the opposite façade, facing the main garden and pool, the extension of the roof allows the projection of an exterior covered terrace. 

The pool exists on a separate plateau which ends up being protected by the house from the wind. 

Conceptually the materials chosen are a uniform white parget on the outside walls and natural colour wood elements, in such a way that the harmony between the house and the landscape is preserved. 

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