Comporta, Portugal



Rui Pinto Gonçalves, RRJ Arquitectos



RRJ Arquitectos





The project is located in a site of 3.391m2 in Comporta, Portugal. With a building area of 760m2, the isolation and the natural landscape were the major premises of the project. Opting for a contemporary formal approach, the house is inserted in the natural slope of the terrain creating a symbiosis between construction and surroundings.

Conceptually the house consists in two rectangular forms, parallel between each other and connected by a smaller volume, in a way that it makes passible the separation by areas. 

The main social area is in the lower and flatter part of the terrain, which strengthens the connection between the interior and the exterior. Once outside, a large covered terrace promotes a social gathering space and at the same time invites you to the pool, placed on a separate plateau inserter in the terrain.

The rooms exist on the other volume, surrounded by Pine trees, which will enable the user to feel sheltered and secure. Since this part of the house has been design to exist on the higher area of the land you will feel overwhelmed by the view that flows through the large windows.  

The constructive system is made out of a concrete structure with brick walls. The whole exterior finish is natural white concrete, allowing for a continuous reading of the whole project. 

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