Fresh House by Bak Gordon Arquitectos

Settled on the plot in a way that private and public spaces, construction and garden areas match a perfect equilibrium! 

The Mediterranean spirit of the house tends to a space that is fluid and functional in the interior but filters the relation with the exterior throughout the verandas, doors and windows, allowing the proximity of the golf courses but respecting the intimacy of the family.


The social spaces of the house are connected in a kind of a common ground, whereas bedrooms work like private cells, all of them with generous dimensions and an atmosphere of privacy.

The passage from social areas to private areas is done trough fresh and bright halls that configure the transition between spaces.


The garden is divided in tree main sectors; one that makes the topographic transition and allows cars to get near the house whilst still being able to be in the shade, the west garden that gets the sunset extended until the pool and the southern sector which makes the transition between the property and the golf course.

The Fresh House can be configured as a design into various layouts and scales from the current 400m2 to over 1,000m2.

Each constructed Fresh House will be unique and individual to each owner.


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