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FONCES Architectural Visualization Studio

  • Name Сountry house

  • Project Location Alberta. Canada.

Last time visiting Canada, our 3D artists were so impressed by its untamed wilderness that they decided to recreate its atmosphere in a separate project. This country house contains two main elements: the beauty of the western wilderness and eco-friendly practicality. We chose solid wood as a primary material for the ceiling, floor, and furniture, while the fireplace made with rough stone serves as a central emphasis of the space. Large windows provide a lot of natural light, which is especially vital in that latitude. The house retains the spirit of the Rocky Mountains and represents modern luxury interior design. 


Metal, wood, and stone are key variables in an eco-luxury equation. The main thing is to strike a balance combining these elements and to retain cosiness but not lose elegance. Besides, this 3D rendering’s uniqueness comprises two lighting types – natural light from the windows and warm light from fire and chandelier. It is worth noting that the light from the chandelier has the same hue as the wood and flame, amplifying the overall effect of the image. Thus, a proper choice of lighting and materials in 3D rendering will help you to become guides for your clients into their dream homes. 


FONCES Architectural Visualization Studio


Project Name Penthouse. Inspired by GEZA Gri e Zucchine Architettura

This rendering was inspired by the real-life interior design project DLN Penthouse made by a fantastic team from GEZA Gri e Zucchi Architettura. We allowed ourselves to play a little with some lighting and materials to give you the idea of 3D rendering’s flexibility. It serves as an example of how diverse adjustments can be, whether they are minor like rug colour, or substantial as a rock wall. And how natural they would look, even if they were not initially in the project. Think about possibilities 3D renderings give you when planning, designing, and changing any part of the project on your client’s request. 

Lighting is an essential, if not a core, element of the perfect 3D visualization. By filling the design with natural light through the rooftop windows, the interior gains an impression of lightness and serenity. A similar effect could be achieved at night, with moonlight highlighting the center of the room and a soft romantic accent on the lit-up fireplace

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