This beautifully magical zen palace was lovingly designed especially for this plot by Marbella based UDesign, the European award winning design practice. It's at the intersection of two mystical sacred streams, inhabited by dragonflies and a rather nomadic & elusive family of Elves. I’m sure you all know by now, that these tiny creatures help tune ancient water lay lines, aided by dragonflies too of course.

It’s believed that this family originated from the Arctic tundra, as they have Nordic sounding accents. Possibly even from Iceland.

Thanks to the town council, permission was eventually granted to construct this modern-day marvel, providing that there were lots of water features and grotto's, so as to give this family plenty of shelter and safe spaces away from such hazards as cats. As the adults only grow to around 25cms.

We’ve had to keep the location of Villa 15A a closely kept secret, even though it backs onto a fairly busy main road and is framed by a mountainous national park. Otherwise if it were in the public domain, there would be huge queues of coaches. Just  like you get at Graceland to try and spot their camera shy gardener. And the British tabloids would descend in their droves, even more than they did for Maddie!

So, the new owners of this fabulous UDesign villa will have to sign an NDA to keep secret it’s exact location, even to their closest friends and be forbidden from keeping pets. For obvious reasons.

I know you’re all thinking, if this is 15A, what does 15 look like? Let’s just be polite and say, the new owners will probably want to extend the grotto by around 200 meters to their right. It’s a bit like Martin Luther King Jr. He had a dream, but nobody knows what his father had apart from him. Let’s just say that the A in 15A stands for amazing.

Finally, I’m guessing you’re all wondering what Elves eat. They’re rather partial to porridge goldfish & dragon flies.

Oh, in case you're wondering, I asked Jason (Jason Harris), is there any wording? He replied "Make it up"! ...... How did I do :)

To find out more about Garden Villa 15A by UDesign please fill out the form below or chat to our 'Live Chat' agent.

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