by Martim Sousa E Melo (MSM)

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, one finds this private house in communion with its natural surroundings. House n. 11 was the result of a need to have a retreat when life gets too fast. A place to recharge energies, a space to promote inner connection to the things that, in the end, really matter the most. Composed of two overlapping bodies, this four bedroom house is divided into two main living areas, a social area on the ground floor and a private area on the first floor. Both of them are devoted to living the exterior surroundings, inviting them in as a part of the architecture solution itself. What differs between these main areas is the level of intimacy in the exchange relationship between exterior/interior. 

On the ground floor we have a big open space, composed of a living room, a dinning room and a kitchen. The dinning area ( kitchen + dinning room ) is separated from the living room by a shared fireplace. One also finds a more intimate entertainment room, where one can go for a friendly snooker match after a lazy day at the pool, under the Sun with close friends. Leading to the first floor, we have a wooden block stairs, that serve two purposes: accessing the upper floor and dividing the two main living areas, acting as a transition gear. 

Once on the first floor, we find two bedrooms facing East with a shared bathroom and two complete suites, the main one facing South and the secondary facing West. A natural lighted corridor connects all these spaces, as it leads south to an open balcony where one may experience the warm southern Sunrises and Sunsets over the natural pine landscape. The property is set in Meco, Portugal, a few kms away from the Atlantic ocean.

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