Cascais, Portugal



Rui Pinto Gonçalves, RRJ Arquitectos



RRJ Arquitectos



690 M2


The House in Cascais is located in a residential housing complex. 

The approach was based on the principles of Contemporary Architecture, seeking through the exploration of basic shapes and forms, a concept of modernism, luxury and comfort.

The design follows straight lines, minimalist decoration, neutral tones, functionality and spatial amplitude without putting aside the scale and comfort of a house. Modernity, simplicity, sophistication, minimalism and technology are keywords for this house that ambitions to be both smart and comfortable.


The materials chosen are concrete and wood. Concrete enhances the purity of lines and shapes, which is counterbalanced by the wood natural texture and heat, which represents the dynamic element of the house.

Although the materiality of the house passes on an image of a compact and defined volume, big windows with wooden slats are opened in order to create a multiplicity of different lights. Operating as a shading element, the blades are steerable and collectable, allowing light control inside.


The house has 2 floors above ground and a basement, defined by the overlapping of two volumes, balancing between construction and its absence. 


The private area is concentrated on the upper floor, with a common private terrace and a mezzanine living room. There are 5 bedrooms, a Mastersuite and 3 rooms, all with private bathroom and integrated wardrobe.


The social program is on the ground floor. The living room and dining room is formally separated by a volume that holds the fireplace. The kitchen is in a separate compartment. On this floor there is also an office space, social bathroom and storage. 

Opening the glass doors on the ground floor, allows the living spaces to merge with the outside garden and pool. Five Star Portugal Orbseo 

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