By Camilo Rebelo

Leku House. LEKU means, in Basque, place. Place in the sense of a complex dimension of factors. The concept of this house is based on a piece that is extracted, almost sculpted, from the surrounding nature. In this sense, the house merges with the topography, promotes corners, twists to adapt and to focus different points of view.

Some of Eduardo Chillida’s works are based in the cutting and rooting and they are a spatial and material reference for this house.


The house is structured in two floors. The upper one is more private, where the rooms are. The social spaces are located in the lower floor, which is highly

related with the topography and the landscape. The material we chose is predominantly polished white concrete. We are looking for a unitary and fluid appearance of the surfaces. The white colour was chosen as it is the predominant colour of Algarve’s typology.


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