Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Do you need a Chaise Longue, do you need art, do you need high art? 

Art is an expression of the soul and high art experienced up close and personal can be a near Godly spiritual experience. Occasionally everything just comes together in a piece so spectacular that it's bound to grace the V&A, Tate Modern, Design Museum & Guggenheim. 

International art galleries may well clamour to get their hands of this Ron Arad-esque hi-tech sculptured art work, with such lavish high tech materials and so exclusive that to splash the cash, you'd way up ordering a brand new BMW series 3 or the chaise? BMW's aren't this sexy and this is made out of the finest carbon fibre no less, honed over 8 weeks of construction to cutting edge hyper car tolerances.

This Essence of Strength masterpiece has quite literally just been released and we are so very honoured & proud to offer it to old and new customers, who appreciate the very finest, most luxurious things in life. 

Oh, did i mention you can sit in it to, and it's comfortable. Very! 

Five Star Portugal - ORBSEO


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