Updated: Jan 12, 2020

To create a cozy atmosphere in your garden, it is not only the outdoor furniture that is important, but also the accessories you utilise. A stylish accessory is a sculpture or pot. Domani pots are handmade ceramics, zinc or copper and are available in spectacular form. The pots and sculptures by Domani are special objects for your garden or home.


All ceramic pots and sculptures by Domani are handmade making each pot unique. The outdoor collection is also frost resistant which means you can leave the pot outside throughout the winter months.

Most pots are available in four different natural colours, such as; natural black, natural white, natural red and natural grey.

The AXEL series is available in seven different matte colours. This is done with a special coloured liquid pigments. The coloured planter gives a beautiful colour palette through the seasons in your garden.

Zinc and copper

Several pottery and sculptures Domani are manufactured from zinc or copper. When zinc and copper are exposed to humid air or water, it will of course be oxidized.

Zinc will create a white powder in the beginning to protect itself. After that there will appear a light patina colour. Copper is initially a red, orange colour and will in time fade to green.

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