Updated: Dec 18, 2019


By U Design Architecture & Interiors

This is a luxury villa with a gallery vibe and a party house par excellence.

The sophisticated and well-travelled owner of this property has seen it all, but he’s never seen anything quite like this before. This is a party house par excellence, created by UDesign with a sense of fun, exquisite taste and the best works of modern art in the world.

Words like unique, luxurious, chic and state-of-the-art, frequently misplaced and overused, are brought back to their true meaning in this extraordinary project. It is a luxury villa like no other. With its own DJ booth, a fully functional club bar, a huge outdoor kitchen, a 14 square metre exterior LED screen and an extensive 200 square metre pool area, the owner of this property can invite up to two hundred guests at a time for club standard entertainment from sunset to sunrise, all without leaving the house. La Cabana Pool & Lounge, reads the neon sign on a marble panel, and the space really does deserve a name of its own. Centered around the focal point of the pool are various entertainment zones that allow for a smooth transition between stages and moods of any gathering. Right under the sign, a simple white table and a set of huge candles create an intimate ambience for a dinner party under the stars with friends, perfect to kick off an exclusive private party.

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Five Star Portugal ORBSEO

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