Boca Do Lobo Newton Dining Table

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

In all my 41 years in the furniture industry, this has got to be my favourite table. It's totally unique & once seen hard to forget. It's the museum quality Boca Do Lobo Newton Black Walnut Dining Table.

Built in Portugal from brass spheres, joint to produce an outstanding pattern and structure, finished in black lacquer and gold plated. Its surface texture designed to resemble cut wood, is also gold plated.

Arts and Techniques: Sand casting, soldering, molding and sanding. Sphere polishing for lacquer and varnish coat.  Materials and Finishes: High gloss black lacquer, and gold plated spheres with gold plated brass surface with wood texture. 

And we're lucky enough to have one ready to ship internationally. normally there would be a 12 to 14 week production lead time.

Width/Length 260 cm (102,4 in.)

Depth142 cm (55,9 in.)

Height 78cm (30,7 in.)

Weight 470 kg

Cubage 3,31 m3

Five Star Portugal ORBSEO

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