Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Given a blank canvas, what would you put in your dream minimal kitchen?

How about some nice bronze and crystal sculpture by an international acclaimed artist. Oh and some polished stainless steel large scale studio pieces for the patio, so you can admire them whilst putting the washing up in the dishwasher.

Oh and how about a solid wood dining table in walnut or oak to seat 8 to 10 people. Maybe some art gallery style pottery finished in gold or silver leaf. A luxury modern football table in white to go with the beautiful gleaming white kitchen, for when the lads come around. Maybe some shiny orb pendant lights, finished in gold silver or black. A comfy double easy chair in black leather to relax whilst cooking. Maybe a High Fidelity DAB CD stereo too, built in counter Kaelo electronic ice free champagne chiller with RGB LED mood lighting.

I could also get fit by using a CICLOTTE static exercise bike in carbon, white, red or crystal glass. Possibly finish the look off with six carbon fibre kitchen stools & two carbon fibre loungers, which could then be taken out to the pool in the Summer months. Gosh, I almost forgot, a selection of Deviehl expresso cups in carbon, zebrano, leather & rosewood. I don't think that's too cluttered?

Five Star Portugal - ORBSEO


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#five #star #portugal #orbseo #lighting #furniture #pottery #ceramics #sculpture #art

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