Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Beer Box by höfats In the evening, a spontaneous trip to the lake - with a beer after work and delicious grilled food on the griddle, so the day can end relaxed! Perfect companion for such projects: The Beer Box by höfats. Simple and amazingly versatile, because the multifunctional box can hold more than just 24 x 0.33 liter bottles. höfats re-invents the crate: Unlike the traditional crates, the Beer Box by höfats is made of high-quality corten steel.

This leaves her as mobile and resilient as her plastic sisters. Again forget the bottle opener? No problem! Because in the Beer Box he is already firmly integrated. As soon as the crate is emptied and the beer or organic soda in the nearby river stays nice and cool, the beer box turns into a fire basket.

Your inner cardboard life then serves as a kind of ignition aid and a standard log can be easily accommodated. As an accessory, we offer a stainless steel grill also from höfats, which can be easily put on and taken off by the handles. And if you want to use the Beer Box as a seat, transform it into a stool with a shelf and only one hand.

The shelf can also be used as a serving board. Several boxes can be easily stacked on each other - ideal for raising the fire basket, for stowing and transporting. In combination with the shelf, two beer boxes turn into a bar table in an instant.

With its all-around four large handles, the Beer Box is easy to carry and therefore predestined for trips into the countryside.

In addition to the bottle opener Johnny Catch, with the Beer Box, höfats has another product in its assortment that will delight all beer lovers. Cheers!

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