Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Hofats Cube Rusty

The surf, the smell of salt and the setting sun are the beginning of long evenings with good conversation, a cold beer and a laugh together. We slow down when we look into the blazing flames. Cube is part of every outdoor event this summer, bad as a fire basket, bad as a barbecue and then again as chic outdoor furniture.  In the empty state, the Allrounder transforms into a stool or a table for the drinks with the help of a support board made of solid bamboo. Optionally, a stainless steel grill is available on which the food brought brought his food.

Thanks to the height adjustability of the grate, the heat input can be conveniently regulated. As the evening draws to an end, the fire is easily and safely stifled by turning the fire basket over. Cube is constructed in such a way that the fire bowl always remains in balance by gravity. So the fire is deprived of oxygen and the coal remains in the shell.  Cube makes many hearts beat faster with its unique rust appearance.

Unlike conventional steel, the corten steel used under the striking patina forms a barrier that protects against further corrosion. This makes Cube reliable, weatherproof and durable: the surface is always new and develops a unique natural liveliness. Cube is available in purist, black lacquered stainless steel.

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