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Fire meets frost - because Easter barbecue is the warming encounter in the Spring and entices with wonderful food. Frost-fun parties around the charcoal grill Cone by höfats are the cozy alternative to other popular Easter events or can be combined with beautiful walks in the Serra da Estrela.

Cone is the focus here: As a heat source or fire basket, the conical stainless steel grill emits crackling homeliness and attracts everyone magically. Its special strength, however, is the versatility: The distance of the coal to the grill food is coupled with the air supply and provides a comfortable heat regulation as in a gas grill. By means of a lever, the grate is infinitely and safely height adjustable. In the lowest position, only a small amount of air can flow in, the heat is then minimal and ideal for indirect grilling. In the top position juicy steaks can be seared, also thanks to the maximum air supply.

The smoky scent of meat and coal evokes enjoyable memories and warms like the traditional Portuguese port from within. Barbecues laugh, talk and feast - and this unforgettable atmosphere continues. Lasting protection against weather and dirt for Cone is provided by the shapely, waterproof cover specially developed for the award-winning grill. She lays over Cone like a second skin and sits perfectly. höfats is known for details - a storage board made of sturdy bamboo is attached to the Cone with a handle and the practical extension for all winter barbecue-relevant activities.

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