JAYS introduce MultiRoom Wi-Fi speakers – s-Living One and Three

Swedish lifestyle and audio product developer JAYS expands its line-up of speakers by adding two new MultiRoom Wi-Fi Speakers, the s-Living series. The s-Living series is genuine Hi-Fi speakers, designed to be integrated into your modern home, packed with the latest technologies. Truly simplistic and elegant design, fully compatible with your smart home and modern streaming services.

The s-Living speakers are another result of the Clint and JAYS merge earlier this year. The speakers in the s-Living series are certified for the most popular and modern streaming protocols, such as Google Cast, AirPlay2 and Spotify Connect. Furthermore they can work with voice assistants from Google and Apple (Google Assistant and Siri). Simply connect them to your Wi-Fi and you are ready to listen. “The key word when creating the s-Living speakers, has been “simple”. Simple to understand with a simple, clean design. We wanted to create a MultiRoom speaker line-up which ensures full compatibility no matter if you are Android user or an Apple fan. And by using the MultiRoom functions you can easily interconnect several s-Living speakers” says Rene Larsen, CPO at JAYS. 

First out in the s-Living series is the s-Living One and Three, and they both come with a feature packed touch panel for easy daily operation. The EQ settings allows you to personalize the sound according to your daily preference and current mood by a single touch’n’swipe. The s-Living One is an elegant compact multiroom speaker made for mid-Size rooms like your kitchen or bedroom. The s-Living Three is a powerful stereo speaker made to fill larger rooms, such as your living room. “To make them blend in, the design has been a very important aspect when creating the speakers. We want them to be a part of your home decor but still deliver an impressive sound experience. To ensure this we have collaborated with Scandinavian designer Phillip Bodum. His experience has been a great asset for us when developing these speakers” Rene Larsen continues.

The s-Living One and Three will be available in the colors “concrete white” and “graphite black”.

See the new range on the link below;


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