Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The Pure Football Table is the modern vision of a classic foosball table.   The result of collaboration between Debuchy by Toulet and Alain Gilles, Pure is the translation of what design can bring to an object that has become common.

For inspiration, the Scandinavian style without a shadow of a doubt. To bridge with the world of football, see its shape as a stadium, seen from the sky. But free to everyone to see what he wants and it is the strength of this babyfoot, to sit up and inspire …

The softness of its curvaceous lines, the warmth of its wooden belt and its base, the deep color of its basin, the modernity of its handles, bars and chromed players, give it this purity that did not fail to suggest its name.

In order to perfectly integrate our interior decorations, not remain confined inside, replace the oak with teak for outdoor babyfoot use and why not, dare the colour …

Your baby-foot will find its place in your living spaces, it will be an integral part of your decor, and placed prominently in the living room, a mezzanine, your game room, by the pool … Although the foosball is rather a male object of tradition, the Pure achieves a synthesis and seduces women. It reconciles the desire of men to play this friendly game, with the desire of women to preserve their interiors.

So, have fun, grab your foosball handles, roll the ball and start the game for a moment of sharing, conviviality and inter-generational pleasure guaranteed …

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