Updated: Dec 18, 2019

NEW! The Flux Blox Presenter The Presenter is the first and core product of our new Blox line. Its simple-but-sophisticated look puts your product front and centre. And when it’s time to pack up, it folds down in a snap and fits into any car boot..   Reduce and Reuse In customary flux style, assembly is super-fast without the use of any tools. The units are scratch resistant and easy to clean, so no more repainting after every show. We’ve even added a big clip for ultimate flatness.   Make it yours From stickers, screen printing, to a striking all-over-print or a subtle engraving, your message will be the centre of attention.   93% Smaller   Folds down in a snap Just pop out the top and bottom with a flick of your thumb and the presenter folds down to a super flat package that is only 7% of its original volume.   The Flux Blox Presenter Our new product line of space-saving elements for events and exhibitions. Next to our patented curved lines, we now also offer a simple, straight look. We’ve made the design strong by combining our tried-and-tested foldable PP material with sturdy slabs of locally sourced oak wood*.   Top-notch We love it when things fit perfectly into other things. When the Blox Display slides sleekly into its notch, it makes anything that stands underneath look like a million bucks.   The presenter is available in two sizes: 30×30 and 40×40 cm. And three different heights: 60, 80 and 100 cm. The tops are made out of solid oak with a matte lacquered finish.

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