POW (People of the World) Sculpture

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

POW, this exciting and uplifting London Design Festival exhibited public sculpture, is now available to purchase and will surely grace any prestigious grounds with its minimalistic architectural style and panache.

POW (People of the World) was exhibited at the London Design  Festival 2018 on the Brixton Design Trail Route   The Brixton Design Trail held a design competition to design an installation for the Brixton route of the 2018 London Design Festival of which the theme was ‘We Belong’.   The strong symbology of people holding hands in a circle, to support one another (the structure also actually relies on each part to stand as a whole), as well as changing in size gradually, was chosen as it would be easily recognisable and resonate within the wider community, promoting a theme of inclusivity and belonging.   Main Contractor: Crawford Architects Structural Engineering by Intuitive Photographs by Luke Forsythe   Materials: Birds eye maple marine ply treated.  Galvanised Steel Dimensions: 3m x 2.75m   Price: €34,650.00 The price includes setup, installation and location design tweaks for base plinth etc. 


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