SARDANA & PLANTER SARDANA by Studio CrousCalogero

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

SARDANA - by Studio CrousCalogero   Unique, Sardana bench, made of one piece, is placed around trees or columns of its existing space. It is also possible to integrate the pot for any type of trees.   PLANTER SARDANA - by Studio CrousCalogero   Set on a terrace, in a garden like in an indoor public space, it fits in harmony with the natural and architectural elements of its environnment.

An improbable name which brings passionate persons of design mastering the processing of polymers, called rotomoulding, cared about protecting the environment and the research for new forms. Our philosophy of design is to give life to the most original ideas, by putting our know-how in service of the creativity. Qui est Paul? is a surprising collection of furniture and design accessories for indoor and outdoor, available in a wide pallet of colours.

Allied to an ecological approach, based on the recycling of materials, we attach an essential importance for the impact of the creation on the environment:

Our first creation, TRANSLATION armchair Kylie by Alain Gilles,

is made of recycled plastic bottle caps.

All our products are recyclable 100%

Our entire collection is produced in France, so we have the control of all stages of manufacturing, and the guarantee of a quality of production and a perfect finish.

SARDANA & PLANER SARDANA By Studio CrousCalogero

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