Arkup livable yachts combine the best attributes of yachts, floating houses and waterfront villas, with the added benefits of being self-sufficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Live in comfort and luxury in total autonomy, and enjoy life between the sea, the sky and the city. Dock in a metropolitan marina or anchor in a tranquil bay. When elevated on its hydraulic pilings, the vessel is as stable as a house, and protected from the action of the waves. The Arkup livable yacht was conceived to be sustainable and “future-proof”, from its ability to withstand or avoid extreme weather events, to its self-contained systems that allow fully off-the-grid living.

Arkup Livable Yachts are more than just sustainable off-the-grid floating houses: when you own an Arkup, you choose freedom and convenience.

Arkup and its partners make your dreams come true. Whether you fly directly from the airport and land on your MUV™ or cruise with your VanDutch Yacht for a great sailing with your friends, easy access to your Arkup anchored in the middle of the bay is guaranteed!  Arkup is a self-propelled villa on the water that allows you to dock in a marina or anchor where ever you choose. You will always be surrounded by the water, which will be your neverending playground to enjoy your new lifestyle.

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