Yoga at the office! You can now with PLEK

Ever yearned to be at the gym having a Yoga lesson whilst at work? Now you can thanks to PLEK's innovative folding chairs and tables. Simply fold your office desks & seating away and do a group Yoga session all thanks to this innovative award winning PLEK folding furniture system.

Think of all that positive energy as you start back to work, having re-assembled all the tables & chairs. And plonked your computer & gonk back on the table, ready to take on the World again, all energized and happy. How about a nice group hug before launching back into work. Oh and of course, check your Facebook posts.


Marcelo Alegre, with Alegre Design, develops and designs technological and everlasting products. His main aim is to reinvent daily articles.

"PLEK reinvents the classic concept of folding furniture. A nomad, sensual and polyvalent collection of chairs & desks" - Marcelo Alegre, Alegra Design

FOLDING multipurpose tables The folding desk option is ideal for multi-purpose areas such as meeting, conference and training rooms, as well as in public halls.   TRANSPORT mobility Tables from PLEK range also have a transport trolley, as with PLEK foldable chairs, to enable their portability and transportation.   DESIGN finishes Smart frame design with study construction. Moulded aluminium legs in different finishes: polished aluminium or epoxy in silver, white or black finishes. Folding system is based on an extruded aluminium sliding bar.   0% FORMALDEHYDE All our MFC boards incorporate a 0% formaldehyde certification as standard, with the aim of promoting sustainability and well-being.   PLEK FOLDING CHAIRS Each chair has 3 folding positions: normal seat, partially folding for in passing areas and total folding position for storage.

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