Troia Supercar Run aims to celebrate Portugal and it's amazing boutique resorts & historic cities like Lisbon, Porto and Setubal to the World. Luxury living and luxury lifestyles are abundant in resorts in and around Troia, with it's breathtaking Atlantic Coast Nature Reserves. 


From the first to last build each Tramontana is customised to the needs and wants of the driver. Unlike automobiles before it, a Tramontana is created and built from the imagination of the client. From its technical mechanical specifications to the driver inspired cockpit, it is customised to the individual, making each Tramontana a one-of-a-kind original, never to be replicated again. It is because of this, a Tramontana should not be seen as mere car, but a unique work of art for all the world to see.

It has a V-12 720/888 hp engine


All this makes the car accelerates under 3.3 seconds from 0 to 100km/h.


The power is sent directly to the rear wheels.

No Tramontana is exactly the same, and that’s the key attribute of its personality. Carbon fiber, titanium, gold and wood are just an example of materials used in its construction. Seats are arranged in tandem to achieve superior aerodynamics and a better weight distribution.

Each specimen is unique and tailored at the customer’s taste: colours, materials, technical specifications, etc. In addition, an in-depth study of the personal ergonomics is conducted in every car.

ENGINE 5,5-litre V12 60º 5,2-litre V10 90º

TypeV12 - 60º, SFI Biturbo V10 - 90º, FSI

Layout Mid-engine, Longitudinal Alignment Rear Wheel Drive 

Total Displacement 5.513 cm3 / 336,4 in 35.204 cm3 / 317,6 in 3

Admission Twin Turbochargers  Naturally Aspirated

Maximum Power 888 hp / 653 kW / at 5.850 rpm 600 hp / 447kW / at 8.500 rpm

Specific Output 130 hp-litre / 96kW-litre / 1,88 hp in3 / 1,41kW in 3115 hp-litre / 86kW-litre / 2,13 hp in3 / 1,58kW in3

Maximum Torque 920 Nm / 678lbs / ft. from 4.000 rpm 580 Nm / 428lbs / ft. from 6.500 rpm

Compression 9:112,5:1

Fuel Unleaded 98 octanes