At the 2019 European Property Awards the 1.32m2 mansion currently known as Villa Alcuzcuz, (soon to be completed this summer), was awarded the 5-star prize for Spain, winning ‘Best Architecture Single Residence’, Spain. It then went on to win the coveted ‘Best in Europe’ prize in the same category at the finals of the International Property Awards.


​Hot off the heels of that success for the team at UDesign is Villa Nuaya, an equally impressive palatial villa in the modern manner, that somehow manages to conjure up even more drama and mysticism. ​


Could it be the life-size acid pink gorilla, or the mother and child giraffes in the outdoor grotto, nestled between equally impressive palm trees. Or the huge, glazed wine storage cupboards in the reception lounge. Or even the off white and chocolate brown marble kitchen, topped by five rather fabulous crystal chandeliers. ​


Maybe it's the elevated hillside panoramic views over the deep blue ocean. Or the monstrous mirrored vertical crystal backdrop and crystal tree blossom chandeliers. For this much emotion you’re going to need deep pockets. But before the foundations are dug and the concrete poured, rest assured, you would be securing another truly historic home, a testament to how great this decade can be for those ready to invest in interior & architectural perfection. ​


Expect a price tag north of €10 million fully furnished. But what does that amount of cash get you these days? One of our super-yachts from Riva, two thirds of a Bugatti La Voiture Noire, or even a SUOMMO 24 carat solid gold Dodo Bassinet baby cot from our ‘Billionaire’ collection.  


It’s a tough choice I know. But think of all that entertaining you could do. Why not invite your not so well healed (poor) friends, prove to them that you’ve got impeccable taste.

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