Being 27 per cent longer than its smaller sibling Z44 equates into twice as much volume, offering you 100% more space in which to enjoy that unsurpassed Zeelander feel.

The decision to go for a 55-foot model was based on feedback from the market. Clients tell us that this is the perfect size for sailing without a captain and for finding a suitable berth. We also believe that 55 feet is the ideal step-up from a 44-foot yacht and a great solution for satisfied Zeelander owners looking to go to the next level. 

You still have all the key assets of the Z44 such as the phenomenal degree of finishing and materials, the extraordinary ease of operation, the 360-degree views from the six seats in the cockpit and so much more… All in an even grander environment.


The Zeelander Z55 has four headlights and three bedrooms – a master suite which includes a vanity table, a VIP suite and a guest cabin with bunk beds (which could also be good for a couple of crew members should you wish to tale life really easy). 

The clever use of space that is the Zeelander hallmark is taken a step further on the Z55 to include a tender garage to the side of the yacht.  This proves especially useful for owners in locations like the Bahamas, where the waters are very shallow and it can be hard to get to the dock to reach the places of interest or restaurants you want to visit. It is often easier to tie up to a mooring buoy or anchor out and launch the tender from the garage to boat over to the destination.

A swimming platform is fitted on the aft of the boat to provide you with easy access to the tender and the water. The ingenious use of space also offers further storage to the stern section of the Z55 and side boarding from the aft, walking aboard at the same level. The Z55 can be docked on the starboard or port side, and the table can be electrically lowered to facilitate easy access.


At Zeelander we aim to be the very best in our market and that demands a constant increase in quality. In developing the Zeelander Z55 we carried out three sets of Computational Fluid Dynamics calculations with the experts at Van Oossanen Naval Architects before we even started making the model. It takes some 67 moulds to create the interior superstructure, such is the sophistication volvo in Sweden also carried out additional tests for the engines to ensure optimal compatibility with our design.

Dimmable LED lights allow you to generate a wonderful onboard atmosphere. And then there are all the options for customising your Z55… Something which no other yacht builder offers in this size range.



Length overall: 55 ft 7 inches / 17 mtr

Length waterline: 52 ft / 15.90 mtr

Beam: 16 ft 4 inches / 5 mtr

Draft (approximately): 4,5 inches / 1.4 mtr

Weight (dry): 52,910 lbs / 24 T

Fuel capacity: 870 usg / 3,300 ltr

Fresh water capacity: 200 usg / 750 ltr

Waste water capacity: 50 usg / 190 ltr

Propulsion: Volvo Penta IPS 950 or optional: IPS 1050 / IPS 1200 / IPS 1350

Main engines: 2 x Volvo Penta 725 hp or optional: 2 x 800 hp / 2 x 900 hp / 2 x 1000 hp

Propeller: 2 x Volvo Penta Duo Prop Q6

Maximum speed: 32 knots with IPS 950 or optional: 35 knots with IPS 1050 / 40 knots with IPS 1200 / 43 knots with IPS 1350

Range@cruising: 450 Nm @ 26 knots with IPS 950

Hull material: GRP Core Infusion Vinylester Glass fibre

Generator: Cummins Onan 13 Kw @ 60 Hz 120V / 11.5 Kw @ 50 Hz 240V

Electric System: 12 / 24 Volts DC - 120 / 240 Volts 60 Hz AC


Zeelander Yachts was founded in 2002 in the Netherlands by Sietse Koopmans. This tireless entrepreneur and inveterate sailor had decided to create a sports cruiser design driven by boating experience alone. The yachts he had in mind would redefine the edge in cutting, using the highest quality materials inside and out.

Then as now, all other motorboats available in the 40- to 70-foot size range were spacey and multifunctional. The Zeelander concept was much more specific. The boat had to be composed of curved surfaces so that, regardless of which angle the sun shined on the hull, you’d see something new and inviting. Zeelander yachts would be a timeless icon for wealthy individuals who were prepared to invest in the very, very best.


The first fruits of this approach were finally unveiled to the public in 2008. The launch model Z44 received positive critique at the Monaco Yacht Show and drew enormous crowds despite being at an event dominated by much larger yachts.

In the years that followed, more than thirty Z44s were sold, bucking the trend at a time of economic recession. Owners consistently praised their Zeelanders for being a piece of art, while totally immersing themselves in the quiet and super-comfortable ride.

Within three years the yachts had been successfully introduced to the US market as well as Europe. After the commercial success of the Z44 it was an obvious direction for Zeelander Yachts to add a larger model to the fleet. The first Z55 was delivered to her delighted owner in November 2015. The Z72 was launched in march 2019 and is now the Zeelander flagship.


Having set this tall order, the next five years were devoted to research and development. A list of ambitious characteristics were incorporated into the prototype, such as phenomenal seakeeping, industry-low noise and vibrations levels, minimal maintenance, low cost of ownership and easy handling. All this and more was to be part of a boat constructed with premium quality materials and a superior finish.

Together with the award-winning designer Cor D. Rover, the Zeelander team pushed the boundaries of yacht design through innovative and revolutionary engineering. Nothing was left to chance as they worked on combining a fantastic performance with the smoothest ride, the finest luxuries with the best possible equipment – and all this in an aesthetic jacket that would instantly capture the hearts of HNWIs.