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Inflate es una marca progresista dedicada a crear estructuras contemporáneas llamativas con Air. Inflate cuenta con el apoyo de su propio equipo de diseño y producción dedicado en el Reino Unido y Bélgica con una red en expansión de socios comerciales globales.



Inflate es conocido por estructuras y espacios arquitectónicos únicos. Estos edificios son productos más que arquitectura, lo que les permite no ser específicos para un sitio, verdaderamente portátiles y reutilizables.


Inflate ha estado diseñando y produciendo productos inflables durante los últimos 20 años y, según los trabajos recientes, parece que no hay un final a la vista.

AirClad es la próxima generación de edificios para eventos prefabricados temporales. Su sistema modular móvil se puede implementar en casi cualquier lugar. Tiene una gama de estructuras expo listas para usar disponibles en cuatro opciones: una planta, dos plantas, terraza en la azotea y con una fascia desplazada. Aparte de los sistemas estándar, el estudio de diseño siempre busca hacer la próxima gran estructura revolucionaria a medida.


El estudio también ha lanzado soluciones de alojamiento móvil emergentes a través de la marca Snoozy, abriendo un mundo de alojamiento completamente nuevo.

Our range of original Inflate SuperCube and Cubes offer clean-lined and architecturally stimulating buildings which have been engineered to deliver the ultimate in fast architecture. These structures come with a range of enhancements to develop your event to any level from dry-hire to a turnkey serviced tour.



The Inflate Dome family offers a fully modular event system with futuristic lines subtly suggesting they could have come from outer space.  These structures come with a range of enhancements to develop your event to any level from dry-hire to a turnkey serviced tour. The domes are ideal for all over temporary branding and black out spaces for inside projections.



We have the first range of award-winning AirClad structures for hire. These structures are the future of mobile modularity in building. They are perfect for building high-end events with contemporary fast architecture. These structures are engineered beyond the normal, offering the ability to be set up fast for events, but also being able to be installed for months or years with little maintenance.



We offer a comprehensive range of highly effective, lightweight, portable interior structures that appear to ‘pop-up’ from nowhere. Whether it be for ‘chill-out’ zones, additional meeting space, creating an inviting contemporary bar, or offering simple clear span coverage of stunning exhibition environments, our Pop Up range offers a solution to most needs.



We have a range of accessories to help develop your event, from flooring to furniture. This section gives an overview of the key elements we offer. If you have a specific interior need, we will develop a full package proposal to encompass that.



Inflate-designed one-off and samples available for hire. You will not find these anywhere else, so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, please check us out. Please note this section is fluid and it is always worth asking what’s new and on the horizon if you’re looking for the extraordinary.



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In 1995 Nick Crosbie founded a design and production company called Inflate. This brand became the vehicle of an evolution of his ideas over the next 21 years which saw him initially designing and producing small household products, then developing trade shows and ultimately large outdoor event structures. The common thread through all these designs was inflatable technology. By the end of the 1990’s, there was a clear vision to create Inflate buildings.


Para contarnos sobre su comercial  solicitudes y necesidades de marca, complete el formulario de contacto a continuación y responderemos en una hora a los requisitos específicos de su proyecto. 

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As well as creating effective space solutions for large indoor and outdoor events, Inflate offers a comprehensive range of highly effective lightweight, portable interior structures that appear to ‘pop-up’ from nowhere. Whether it be for ‘chill-out’ zones, additional meeting space, creating an inviting contemporary bar, or offering simple clear span coverage of stunning exhibition environments, our Lite range always offers a solution. I


At Inflate Works we take great pride in our crew and invest considerable time in training them.  All crew undergo detailed, specialised training on not only the structures we work with butthe expectations of our clients and the demanding environment that is the event industry.  We understand our clients needs and we ensure our crew do too.


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