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The 516 Arouca bridge is the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world and is located in Arouca, in the Aveiro district, Portugal. With 516 meters in length and an elevation of 175 meters, it connects the banks of the Paiva River. As you walk along the bridge, you will have a breathtaking view over Garganta do Paiva and Cascata das Aguieiras, both geosites of the UNESCO Arouca Geopark territory. The Ponte 516 Arouca is located in Arouca, next to the famous Passadiços do Paiva. 

Ponte 516 Arouca

Facts (Weight, long, width, panels, length…)
Height of the bridge in relation to the Paiva river (centre of the bridge): 175 metres (574 ft);
Deck width: 1.20 metres (3 ft);
Each module is 4 metres long (13 ft);
The deck will comprise of 127 modules;
The bridge is 516 metres long, making it the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world;

Name: 516 Arouca

Flooring: open metal grid;
Railings: Rigid netting;
Cables: Steel;

Designer/architect/studio: Itecons

Owner: Arouca Municipality

Builder: Conduril - Engenharia, SA

Time invested in its construction: The project began in 2016 and construction started in 2017. Due to deployment difficulties and unforeseen geological problems, there was a need to change the location of the bridge, delaying construction. The completion of the construction occurred last July.


Location: the 516 Arouca suspended bridge is located in the eastern part of Arouca UNESCO Global Geopark, in the Paiva valley, near Paiva Walkways (Passadiços do Paiva). In the surroundings you can see Aguieiras waterfall, Paiva Walkways, Alvarenga Bridge, Paiva Gorge. Nearby you have Areinho and Vau river beaches, and the villages of Alvarenga, Canelas and Espiunca

Why the Arouca Municipality decide to build it: This is a project co-financed by European Funds. As had previously happened with the Paiva Walkways, we hope that this bridge will further enhance the economic activity of this region, namely within the Arouca municipality. These projects have proven to be strategic for the promotion and preservation of Paiva river, including the the safeguard of the biodiversity of all the region.

It will be an impactful experience of observation, promotion and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of the area. This bridge aims at targeting the interest of different types of people: engineering lovers, nature connoisseurs, people who are fond of extreme experiences.

Finally, it will also become an important presentation card for Portugal, and particularly Arouca region, as well as it will be an important milestone, all over the world, for the Portuguese construction company capacity, in innovating Civil Engineering projects.

Prices for visiting the 516 Arouca Bridge

Singular Tickets

Adult (18 to 65 years) - 12 Euros

Student (10 to 17 years) - 10 Euros

Senior (+65 years) - 10 Euros


Family Pack

2 Adults + 1 Child - 30 Euros
2 Adults + 2 Children - 40 Euros

2 adults + 3 or more children / young - (5 euros for each aditional child)


Citizens with proven residence in Arouca

Resident card - 5 Euros (valid for 3 years)



- Tickets for Ponte 516 Arouca give you the right to cover the eight kilometers of Passadiços do Paiva.

- Users with a resident card are required to make a prior visit to the bridge.

Timetable of Ponte 516 Arouca


April to October Open 09:00h Close 19:00h

May to September Open 08:00h Close 20:00h

November to March Open 09:00h Close 17:00h


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