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The ONE TROIA MOURINHO TRAINING CENTER is the new sports reference in the Tróia Peninsula. It bears José Mourinho’s seal of approval and offers a wide range of services and infrastructures prepared to receive large teams at all levels of training.


Located at the Troia Resort, ONE TROIA TRAINING CENTER offers the Elite Training Method and is a space where teams can adjust their stay to their requirements and their level of training. Players can count on great training conditions, special services and a relaxing environment for an inspiring stay.


“A training center with my name would necessarily have to incorporate my vision and expertise, the result of over 15 years in search of spaces adapted to my ideas, needs and high performance training concept. I’ve always been a firm believer in intense training and maximising the useful time to avoid pauses and idle time. You play the way you practice! The adjacent fields were an invention of those who think deeply about the training process and are considered a luxury”, says José Mourinho.


For Sonae Capital, “It is a privilege to be able to associate the name of the greatest coach in the world with a key investment in Tróia. The ONE TRÓIA TRAINING CENTER manages to combine the best conditions and essential infrastructures, with the added benefit of being in a truly special natural setting”, stresses Pedro Capitão, Business Director of the Group.


Two football pitches, one goalkeeper training field, fields designed to meet all UEFA, FIFA, FPF and EN748 standards and with a warm-up area next to the main football pitch, fixed and portable goals, corner flags, a 12-seat area for technical staff and substitutes are some of the excellent features for high-performance training that can be complemented with the comfort of the Aqualuz Hotel units, the exclusive privacy of the Tróia Residence apartments and the unique beauty of the Tróia Resort.

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