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Escargoo is not just about the product, Escargoo is a way of living. It’s about the simple things in life done well. It’s about the appreciation of the things in life that bring us the most enjoyment, our family, our friends, our passions and the way we can simply escape the pressures around us that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Escargoo has been devised to become a lifestyle brand that is built around alternate, fast, mobile event accommodation for the ‘active set’ across the world.

To help create the ambience surrounding the brand, our vision outlines the foundations of how we see our target audience to be at the soul of the brand, what we do and everything we stand for.

Escargoo is a social meeting and sleeping environment, that will embrace the togetherness of friends and like minded ‘actives’ at global events allowing ‘the party’ to continue in their own Escargoo community.

Our values express the experiences that can be shared and the togetherness that Escargoo stimulates.

Join us with living the life Escargoo and remember…

What happens in Escargoo, stays in Escargoo.


Escargoo is the simplest, most versatile pop-up accommodation in our range. It is a flat pack, two person to four person, portable sleeping unit, capable of being installed virtually anywhere.

With an inflation time of less than 5 minutes, this robust pod can be joined together with others to create a unique festival adventure and sleeping experience.

  • Festival/Communal Sleeping Pod

  • Heavy Duty Rip-stop, Double Wall

  • Large Sleeping Area

  • Quick Set-Up

It’s aerodynamic, snail like design, provides strength and durability against the elements, as well as a cocoon type internal environment for a deep nights sleep.