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Escargoo is not just about the product, Escargoo is a way of living. It’s about the simple things in life done well. It’s about the appreciation of the things in life that bring us the most enjoyment, our family, our friends, our passions and the way we can simply escape the pressures around us that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Escargoo has been devised to become a lifestyle brand that is built around alternate, fast, mobile event accommodation for the ‘active set’ across the world.

To help create the ambience surrounding the brand, our vision outlines the foundations of how we see our target audience to be at the soul of the brand, what we do and everything we stand for.

Escargoo is a social meeting and sleeping environment, that will embrace the togetherness of friends and like minded ‘actives’ at global events allowing ‘the party’ to continue in their own Escargoo community.

Our values express the experiences that can be shared and the togetherness that Escargoo stimulates.

Join us with living the life Escargoo and remember…

What happens in Escargoo, stays in Escargoo.


Escargoo is the simplest, most versatile pop-up accommodation in our range. It is a flat pack, two person to four person, portable sleeping unit, capable of being installed virtually anywhere.

With an inflation time of less than 5 minutes, this robust pod can be joined together with others to create a unique festival adventure and sleeping experience.

  • Festival/Communal Sleeping Pod

  • Heavy Duty Rip-stop, Double Wall

  • Large Sleeping Area

  • Quick Set-Up

It’s aerodynamic, snail like design, provides strength and durability against the elements, as well as a cocoon type internal environment for a deep nights sleep.


Our range of original Inflate SuperCube and Cubes offer clean-lined and architecturally stimulating buildings which have been engineered to deliver the ultimate in fast architecture. These structures come with a range of enhancements to develop your event to any level from dry-hire to a turnkey serviced tour.



The Inflate Dome family offers a fully modular event system with futuristic lines subtly suggesting they could have come from outer space.  These structures come with a range of enhancements to develop your event to any level from dry-hire to a turnkey serviced tour. The domes are ideal for all over temporary branding and black out spaces for inside projections.



We have the first range of award-winning AirClad structures for hire. These structures are the future of mobile modularity in building. They are perfect for building high-end events with contemporary fast architecture. These structures are engineered beyond the normal, offering the ability to be set up fast for events, but also being able to be installed for months or years with little maintenance.



We offer a comprehensive range of highly effective, lightweight, portable interior structures that appear to ‘pop-up’ from nowhere. Whether it be for ‘chill-out’ zones, additional meeting space, creating an inviting contemporary bar, or offering simple clear span coverage of stunning exhibition environments, our Pop Up range offers a solution to most needs.



We have a range of accessories to help develop your event, from flooring to furniture. This section gives an overview of the key elements we offer. If you have a specific interior need, we will develop a full package proposal to encompass that.



Inflate-designed one-off and samples available for hire. You will not find these anywhere else, so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, please check us out. Please note this section is fluid and it is always worth asking what’s new and on the horizon if you’re looking for the extraordinary.



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In 1995 Nick Crosbie founded a design and production company called Inflate. This brand became the vehicle of an evolution of his ideas over the next 21 years which saw him initially designing and producing small household products, then developing trade shows and ultimately large outdoor event structures. The common thread through all these designs was inflatable technology. By the end of the 1990’s, there was a clear vision to create Inflate buildings.



The exterior of Escargoo is constructed from heavy duty rip-stop.
This is sewn and seam taped together. This cell 
is inflated through a pressurized umbilical cord feeding multiple pods at one time. The fans which inflate the Escargoo are both efficient & silent running and are located away from the pods. The system runs with a back up fan in the unlikely event of fan failure.



The power must be backed up at source or with an in- line power supply, thus preventing the possibility of deflation during use.

As standard, the Escargoo has silver outer and black inner.

Door Security.

Escargoo has a double zip-in, roll up door system. The double zip action allows for the zip pulls to be chub locked together for security when ‘Escargoo’ is vacated. It also has an inner mesh net that opens in the same fashion if a ‘fresher’ nights sleep is required!


All the design details and materials have been resolved to find the best balance between function and aesthetic form. Durability is of paramount importance to ensure each Escargoo we give birth to, enjoys a long and prosperous life.


Escargoo uses minimal materials in its construction. All the materials are chosen for their appropriateness to design and longevity in use.


Escargoo has space for either a double or twin beds. These beds are sealed inflatable elements and pack down in a similar way to the main Escargoo.

As standard, the Escargoo has silver outer and black inner.


Escargoo has plenty of space within the pod for storing bags and other personal items.

Lighting & Power.

Escargoo has ceiling loops for hanging portable LED lighting units can have a USB power point for phone charging.


All the components of Escargoo fold-up, zip and clip together. There are no small fiddly elements that can be lost. This enhances the commercial experience of setting up and using Escargoo and reduces the need for replacing elements.


Escargoo has a removable poly prop ground sheet. This has edges that come up the outside of the main shell and clip to it. This creates a water proof seal to the ground and prevents unwanted visitors in the day or night!


Escargoo has been designed for fast and easy installation in under 10 minutes with as little as one person.

The structure comes packed in a bag about the size of a normal suitcase.

The ground sheet is pulled out and pinned flat to the floor. The main structure is then laid out on this sheet. The inner edge of the main shell is clipped 
to the upper edges of the ground sheet. Once complete the outer edges of the structure is pegged to the ground and the umbilical chord can be connected to the back of the structure.

Escargoo is then ready to inflate. Inflation takes from 2 minutes subject to how many Escargoo are connected along the umbilical air chord.

Deflation and re-packing follows the same process as above but in reverse.

If using Escargoo on hard surfaces the outer edge needs to be connected to ballast securing.

Optional Extras.

Please note optional extras may affect the unit cost of the standard Escargoo and the packing transport volumes.


These can be made to any colour match to enhance any brand offering or environment.


Solid plastic transport cases can be used to store Escargoo and used as secure internal storage.


The interior Escargoo has simple interior ground sheet flooring – rubber and carpets can be easily added to this.

Visor & Numbering.

Three line velcro numbers are used allowing easy pod identification from event to event.

There is a facility to zip in a rain visor around the door parameter.

All of the standard insulate features can be enhanced with further layers of air cell subject 
to technical requirements of the operational conditions. HVAC vents are built in to the rear wall to allow external units to be plugged in.


Escargoo offers a natural level of acoustic quality, which can be further enhanced with internal acoustic lining to the air-cells.


The Escargoo flat-pack system boosts its operational competitiveness over many of the other players in the industry, allowing very low operational costs to maximize short term accommodation deployments.

Escargoo is the simplest and most versatile of products. The design and proportion of the cells creates a strong and lightweight shell that inflates and deflates in minutes, for use over and over again. The airflow inflation system expels water from the seams, keeping the product water resistant and minimising the operational maintenance of Escargoo.

Escargoo is the friendly pod that links together by a unique air ‘umbilical’ chord, breathing life into multiple sleeping environments at once. Our favoured route is the ‘circle of 6’, with central air source sphere.

They can be set out in straight or curved lines to create mini communities with a difference, that give your guests the comfort, privacy and peace they require whilst still being close enough to all of the action.

It offers fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions to all types of temporary accommodation needs from festivals, events, crew and emergency shelters.

Offering flexible configurations and accommodation availability, an Escargoo commune of 75-100 twin rooms can be fully operational and ready to welcome guests within a day of arriving at almost any event or location around the world.

The commercial returns available make it an extremely attractive proposition to any brand that pride themselves in the temporary accommodation market.

The Escargoo flat-pack, ‘in-a-bag- system boosts its operational competitiveness over many other players in the industry, allowing very low operational costs to maximize short-term accommodation deployments.



To tell us about your personal or commercial application and branding needs for ESCARGOO, please fill out the contact form below & we will reply within an hour to your specific project requirements. 

Thanks! Message sent.


Inflate Structures 

Guidance Notes on Cleaning 

and Repairs 


Sample & Pre-owned items 

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Our Gallery of Inflate structures


Snozzy is a portable hotel structure

As well as creating effective space solutions for large indoor and outdoor events, Inflate offers a comprehensive range of highly effective lightweight, portable interior structures that appear to ‘pop-up’ from nowhere. Whether it be for ‘chill-out’ zones, additional meeting space, creating an inviting contemporary bar, or offering simple clear span coverage of stunning exhibition environments, our Lite range always offers a solution. I


At Inflate Works we take great pride in our crew and invest considerable time in training them.  All crew undergo detailed, specialised training on not only the structures we work with butthe expectations of our clients and the demanding environment that is the event industry.  We understand our clients needs and we ensure our crew do too.


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