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The AirClad event systems are a comprehensive series of systems to suit your needs at any event. From single storey, to roof terraces, to accommodation hotels to ornate bespoke structures – there is something for everyone! All the elements of the structures have options for branding and event enhancements. Please refer to enhancements to see how to build your complete event.




The Xpo system is a single storey mobile structure, designed to meet, then exceed, event application expectations. It has standard sizes from 3m to 12m wide and modular lengths in multiples of 2.5m. It has been designed for fast, safe installation and shipping. All the elements of the structures have options for branding and event enhancements. Please refer to enhancements to see how to build the complete Xpo event.











The XIP system is our classic, double storey, event structure that has been developed and refined since 2007 and is based on the patented AirClad system. It is available in widths of 4m, 6m, 10m and 12m and extends back in 2.5m bays (consisting of 1 aircell per bay), it stands at 6m tall and is a powerful, impressive structure that provides an excellent showcase for your product or service.






The XDEK is a standalone system that sits above an existing 6m or 10m AirClad. It is specially designed to fit to your AirClad and provide the additional space and viewing area that your event might need. It gives the edge, over and above any other XPO system, to provide your event and your brand with that added extra it needs.


To tell us about your commercial application and branding needs, please fill out the contact form below & we will reply within an hour to your specific project requirements. 


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Snozzy is a portable hotel structure

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