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A romantic gateway for two or a mobile house in the middle of a lake for the entire family or a group of friends. Whether you choose to use the floating home as a base camp for numerous outdoor activities such as sailing, paddling, water skiing or fishing, or simply to relax, you’re guaranteed a great living experience.

With a fixed width of 6 metres and lengths ranging from 10 to 18 metres, the possibilities are almost endless. Whether you want a cosy studio or a fully furnished three-bedroom house, the freedom of nature is on your doorstep.


With a fully equipped kitchen for everyday use, heat pump and AC generator, a barbecue on the upper terrace for sunny days and a wine cellar and pellet stove to keep you warm on cold days, you will find the comfort of your home.


It has been designed with low environmentally impactful materials and technologies that reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy needs. It has a compact activated sludge wastewater treatment plant.


The modular design of the house means that all its components, including equipment and furniture, can be easily stored in two standard containers and shipped to almost anywhere on the planet.



​ With two 25 HP outboard motors, you can take your time to enjoy your trip at a moderate speed of 5 or 6 knots, waking up every day at a different place.



With up to 2 800 liters water tanks and a water maker as an option, your autonomy only depends on the quantity of victuals you want to carry aboard, or the fish you are able to catch. The solar panels provide up to 80% of residential annual energy needs (100% over six months).



Platform length - 10 to 18 meters

Platform width - 6 meters

Waterline length (LWL) - 9 to 17 meters

Waterline beam (BWL) - 5,6 meters

Total height - 5,2 meters

Draught - 0,75 to 0,8 meters

Ceiling height - 2,4 meters

Interior area - 31 to 66 m2

Number of bedrooms - 0 to 4





The floating house is reduced to a passive covered floating platform, with exterior walls and/or sliding glass doors. Moored to the dock or to a buoy, the interior is ample and is intended to be used as a bathing platform or an exhibition area.



The floating house acquires housing equipment but is tied to the bank and has fixed connections to municipal networks. Autonomy and mobility are secondary to the benefits of price. There is no need for batteries, inverters, wastewater treatment or motors. Thermal and photovoltaic solar panels are not essential but may exist as with any other housing.



The floating house gains autonomy and mobility. Without ceasing to be a house she also becomes a boat. Fully customizable at the easy of each owner, according to his expected use, optional equipment is vast (solar panels, inverter, batteries, generator, water maker, waste water treatment plant, HVAC system, pellets stove, jaccuzi, sauna, electric windlass and anchor, bow and stern thrusters, davit, tele monitoring, HI-FI, WIFI, …) The motorization provides you with full mobility at a moderate speed of 4 to 6 knots. The solar panels array and related equipment provides an incredible energy autonomy. The wastewater treatment plant reduces drastically its environmental impact. If adequately equipped, the floating house doesn’t need any type of refueling between April and September. In winter, she can stay out for at least 2 weeks.





Two fibreglass floats transversely joined by steel bars, galvanised by zinc projection and painted with a 2-component polyurethane coat. Standard surface protection to C4 (ISO ). Other grades under demand. Although the FW is intended for use in calm waters, the structure is calculated to withstand waves of up to 1m in height.


Steel galvanised by zinc projection and painted with a 2-component polyurethane coat. Standard surface protection to C4 (EN ISO 12944-5). Other grades under demand.


Double glazed Planitherm® + 44.2 laminated 6mm panels (triple glazing under demand) and a 16mm Argon casing with a heat transfer coefficient of 1.1 W/m2K. Minimalistic metalwork in anodised thermal cut aluminium with an overall heat transfer coefficient

of 1.4 W/m2K (up to 0.6 W/m2K as an option).


Made in sandwich panels with an outer and inner sheets of 19mm thick solid TRICAPA® treated wood. Interior filled with 10cm thick black agglomerated expanded cork sheets (ICB).


Made from sheets of 19mm thick solid TRICAPA® wood.


Made with solid 20mm thick Riga flooring laid on an insulating layer of 10cm thick black agglomerated expanded cork (ICB).


Made with 25mm thick solid Scotch pine with special ThermoWood® treatment and impregnated with metallic salts for weather resistance.


Made with 8mm thick solid TRICAPA®wood applied to an insulating layer of 10cm thick black agglomerated expanded cork (ICB).


Made with 25mm thick solid Scotch pine with special ThermoWood® treatment and impregnated with metallic salts for weather resistance.


Furniture made from 13mm thick solid TRICAPA®wood panels. The following appliances are included in the basic price:

- 3,200W Electric hob with two rings (BOSCH series 8 PKF375N14N or equivalent)
- 3,600W Electric oven + microwave (BOSCH CMG633BS1 or equivalent)
- Electric refrigerator (BOSCH KUL15A65 or equivalent)

- Electric dishwasher (BOSCH series 6 SVP40M20EU or equivalent)


FloatWing has 1-3 fully equipped bathrooms with a:

- sink with mixer tap
- macerating toilet
- bath or a shower tray, depending on the configuration, with mixer tap and shower head


Depending on the size of the platform, FloatWing can have 0-4 double bedrooms (with a double bed or bunk bed for two people).



At L2 level, the FW has an electric power accumulation system formed by a set of electric batteries conveniently sized for the expected functions. Under normal operating conditions, these batteries power the FW through an inverter that converts the direct current of 24V DC to 230 V (or 110 V) AC. All equipment and technical devices are powered by 230V (or 110V) AC. These batteries are charged throughout the day by a set of 285W (at peak power) monocrystalline photovoltaic solar panels (Sunmodule Plus® or equivalent). The FW’s autonomous electric production capacity, defined as the percentage of the total electrical power needed to run the home over a year that is produced autonomously by means of solar panels, varies depending on the number of panels installed, the number of people and geographic location of the house. For example, electrical autonomy over an annual cycle in a house with 16 panels and an enclosed area of 13m ranges from 27% in Tromsø, to 40% in Helsinki, 41% in Stockholm, 43% in Hamburg, 48% in Como, 56% in Amsterdam, 57% in Dubai, 63% in Limassol, 67% in Lisbon and 72% in Dallas. For more detail see ATN4.

The remaining electricity required (not produced by the panels) will be produced by a fuel generator which, when necessary,
will start up automatically at certain times of day (programmable). When this happens, the generator feeds directly into the distribution board and any remaining power is used to replenish the charging level of the batteries.

When the house is moored at a marina and connected to the public power grid, this source takes precedence over all other independent production systems. In these circumstances, the public supply feeds into the electric distribution board and simultaneously charges the batteries.


L1-level houses are directly supplied by the public network without the use of any other kind of production or storage equipment.


L1-level houses are directly supplied by the public network without the use of any other kind of production or storage equipment. In L2-level houses fresh water is stored in tanks located in the floats, with a capacity of up to 2,800 litres, which ensures at least two weeks of autonomy. Pressurization at a working pressure of about 3 bar is achieved through a electric pump.


An optional water maker produces up to 60 liters per hour of fresh water, which significantly increases the autonomy of the house.



At L1-level, DHW is guaranteed by an electric heater. At L2-level, two solar panels take precedence over electric heater. The DHW tank capacity can vary depending on the number of occupants and is typically in the region of 50 litres per person (other values can be considered).


At L1-level, the house is connected directly to the public network, to which it discharges effluent for subsequent treatment. At L2-level, FW has a compact activated sludge wastewater treatment plant (ECODEPUR® OXYBIO® or equivalent model), which ensures primary and secondary treatment of the effluent and removes around 90% of its organic load.

This treatment is complemented by a tertiary cycle with ceramic membrane filtration (LIQUID® or equivalent). The effluent is stored in separate tanks with a capacity of up to 2,800 litres, ensuring at least two weeks of autonomy, to be released to the public network when the house is moored.


An interior temperature within strict comfort levels of between 20 and 25°C is assured, regardless of external conditions. To achieve this, the FW is well insulated and all windows are selected on the basis of these conditions. The air conditioning (heating/cooling) is carried out through a high COP inverter. Additionally, a pellet stove of up to 10 kW is available.


Motorisation is ensured by two outboard four-stroke fuel engines which allow a cruising speed of 4 to 6 knots at 70% of maximum power. Dimensioning of the engine power depends on the displacement. Typically, a 16m FW is fitted with two 25hp engines with a total cruising speed consumption of about 7 litres per hour. The standard fuel tanks capacity is 280 litres, providing an autonomous range of over 300 km, depending on the model. Other capacities can be considered

2020 - PRICING

ex-Works Prices, excluding import duties, taxes & delivery start at:


FW 10 metres: €164,400

FW 12 metres: €174.000

FW 14 metres: €200,600

FW 16 metres: €227,500

FW 18 metres: €255,600


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