Inflate is a progressive brand dedicated to creating striking, bold, contemporary structures with Air. Inflate is supported by its own dedicated design and production team in the UK and Belgium with an expanding network of global commercial partners.



Inflate is known for unique structures and architectural spaces. These buildings are products rather than architecture, allowing them to not be site specific- truly portable and reusable.


Inflate has been designing and producing inflatable products for the last 20 years and it appears from recent work that there is no end in sight.

AirClad is the next generation of temporary prefabricated event buildings. Its mobile, modular system is capable of being deployed almost anywhere. It has a range of expo off the shelf structures available in four options: single storey, double storey, roof terrace and with an offset fascia. Aside from the standard systems, the design studio is always looking to make the next big revolutionary bespoke structure.


The studio has also launched pop-up, mobile accommodation solutions through the brand Snoozy – opening up a whole new world of accommodation.


To tell us about your commercial application and branding needs, please fill out the contact form below & we will reply within an hour to your specific project requirements. 


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Snozzy is a portable hotel structure

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