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Source  the ultimate  modern designer pieces in wood, metal, glass, ceramics & carbon fibre. We champion some of the Worlds greatest artisans and designers, with innovative design & quality that you'd normally only see in art galleries & museums. These furnishings make perfect investment pieces for your home or business.  Or if you are a professional specifier,  maybe just right for your client project needs. 

We offer ‘Adventure Gear’ from innovative designer tents & barbecues and equipment. Ensuring that you can really get out and enjoy the great outdoors.


We now showcase luxury minimalist executive homes to buy and rent in Portugal

We also develop innovative properties for client’s investment and executive home needs. These homes are initially for development locations in Troia Resort, Comporta, Grandola and The Algarve too.  Choose a home design by our leading international architects.  We then suggest the right Atlantic coastal location too in unspoilt scenic & idyllic Portugal, Europe’s best-kept secret. 

Shown is the Manutti Kumo Concept modular sofa system on a palatial villa's roof terrace in Chiado, Lisbon Portugal.



Launching for season 2024 will be our youth motorsports and training initiative. This will be linked to our resort development activities in Portugal, The Caribbean and The Maldives.

There will be corporate branding opportunities for both marine and track. The entire race boat or race car could have your company corporate colours and logos. Plus VIP attendance for you and your clients at our race and music events in 2024. 

Reach out to us if you'd like to know more, or even get involved. 

John Rice CEO

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I try my utmost to champion great creatives, talented folk  and I am proud to be a Brit in Portugal showcasing its rich historic culture and serene beauty to the World.

 John Rice - CEO of ORBSEO

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