Concept: Eden Courtyard Villa.


Life in the house is widely open and connected to this garden, a refreshing place full of Mediterranean colours and scents.


In this courtyard-house, or the Eden Garden House in this case, rooms embrace this space, which is the hearth of the dwelling. The inner skin is transparent and permeable. The inner spaces grow visually. The garden penetrates the house and becomes one more living space: the most important.


On the contrary, the outside is hermetic and protective. We cannot perceive the existence of this secret garden from the outside.


This outer skin is heavy and thick. Bedrooms, cooler and darker, hide into it. This massive wall contains also hidden circulations, service spaces, resting or reading places, and niches for books. The depth of the windows allows to perceive this heaviness from the outside, making impossible to imagine the existence of our garden without previous knowledge.




The previous ideas are developed thus in this Eden Garden House, which tries to pass unnoticed from the outside, adjusting its shape to the terrain and providing this hermetic outside that contrasts with the permeable inner skin. The topography provides the crescent shape, which we close with a light bridge.


This walkway becomes one of the most important parts of the house: first, it is the indispensable element to close the circulation, being the main itinerary from entrance towards the living area. The bridge it is especially relevant because the close relationship with the garden: it is a viewpoint and the first place where to perceive the full image of it.


The inner garden, geometrical and colourful, contrasts with the outside landscape, wavy and natural. Elements such as the pool scape from it, making the swimming a unique experience.

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