Taking inspiration from Catalonia’s beautiful landscapes and mild climate, our villa is a true synthesis of architecture and nature that creates a comfortable and diverse environment for a new way of living that is appropriate for the 21st century. 

Three levels, arrayed with a variety of layered and shifted openings float within the abundant trees present on the site. The quality of the trees growing through the stratified openings injects a sense of lightness, and literally allows one to live amongst the trees. In this manner, architecture and nature are unified as one. 

Overlapping voids create patios, balconies and cabanas that are interwoven with interior spaces and the natural landscape to create an environment where indoor and outdoor living is the same. The combination of diverse spaces and abundant trees allow for ample shade, diffuse natural light, and vistas to the outdoors, while maintaining privacy. 

A variety of distinctive spaces offer choice and flexibility to residents. Within the villa’s three floors of living space are smaller, cozier, single‐height spaces, and more expansive double, and even triple‐height spaces, that provide for individual areas as well as open‐plan living. 

The merging of a simple, yet flexible and unique form with the natural beauty that is Catalonia forges a new and harmonious architecture full of possibilities. 


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