Horizon House  

Robert Konieczny / KWK Promes 


The Horizon Villa idea refers to a frequently seen theme: house surrounded by a wall. Using the terrain slope to the south we tilted the walls keeping privacy and in addition giving the desired view underlined by the infinity pool. As a result two zones are created in the garden: open (landscape garden) and intimate garden as a natural extension to the house (the house in the open air). The link between open and intimate garden is achieved by perforating the walls, the size and number of perforations will depend on the prospective owner.


In order to avoid the midday sun on the first floor, the shutters may be closed on the first floor to the south and to the north. Contact with the outside may be kept through the additional terrace, designed on the north side as a natural extension to the private part of the house. The opening to the terrace provides a soft light and a pleasant atmosphere inside. 


Horizon House can be configured from 400m2 to 1,000m2 with a minimum of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, an expansive kitchen, a living and dining room opening up to the private garden and looking out towards the infinity pool. There is a chef’s kitchen, guest bedroom and further entertaining rooms and a garage on the ground floor. There is a separate screening room or studio located adjacent to the main living spaces. A library is housed on the first floor adjacent to the first floor bedrooms which overlooks the galleried living spaces below. The larger variants have a spa in a basement level with indoor pool, gym, sauna and steam room. Further guest bedrooms can be located in the basement level with natural light to the garden and to a private terrace below the infinity pool.

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