Lake House

The Lake house aims to create a unique relationship with its setting. A series of elements carefully modelled and placed in the woods seeks to contrast with the natural landscape in form and material.  The house “sits” in the confluence of water and ground resulting in a series of different internal experiences. The architectonic language is based on clean lines and a limited palette of materials, emphasizing the idea of a man-made object in the nature.  

The house has been deliberately “hidden” from the entrance gates. On the first bend of the driveway an amazing vista reveals the house floating over the lake. The journey continues in the woods to finish in the entrance gravel courtyard as a reminder of the rural courtyards of the farms houses in the English countryside. 

The plan of the building is based on a classic pinwheel form of ultra long, 3M high walls that extend well beyond the enclosed spaces into the lake and the mature landscaping also defining the pathways. The deceivingly simple expression of the walls belies the precast concrete frames within, acting as the cantilevers and the high tech insulated render system not only providing high thermal performance and low maintenance but enables the purist architectural expression.

The pinwheel serves a organisation diagram for the different activities of the house:  a social/family wing, the siblings and guests bedrooms and the master bedroom pavilion.

The family room faces a private courtyard with a shallow pool enclosed in translucent glass.  This rather reserved arrangement contrasts with open views of the landscape and the lake of the formal dining/living area flanked by the open plan kitchen as the hinge point between these two areas.

The bedroom wing forms one side of a completely enclosed walled garden, with a perfect square of lawn set in a black gravel surround facing east. The master bedroom pavilion has been designed to enjoy -alongside the living- areas of the water reflections and long vistas of the woods facing west.

The internal design of the house aims to complete the minimal approach of the whole composition by paying special attention to details such as floor to ceiling frameless openings for doors and glazed facades.


The floor will be done using natural stone slabs lay in a grid from which the house is organised.  Energy efficient electrical fittings and lighting is of paramount importance to complement the lean lines of the design. Bespoke built in furniture for kitchen, wardrobes, bedrooms and bathrooms would also contribute to maintain a consistent language throughout the house.

Energy efficiency has been taken in to account in order to ensure a truly sustainable experience without compromising the comfort of a 21stcentury dwelling.  From specifying green rated materials, efficient domestic appliances and intelligent ventilation systems up to good insulation levels and adequate orientation, this house will provide a state of the art solution in terms of energy efficiency. 

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