Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The flux ARC is the ultimate foldable design bar. Multiple ARC units can be linked together to form a long bar or one unit can be used as a counter or small bar. The ARC has plenty of storage space and it is super strong! Best of all, when folded flat you can just transport it in your car. A stack of 20 arc bars is only 70 cm high. how’s that for efficient storage?

The ARC can be customized with an exchangeable banner, please get in touch to learn about the possibilities.Setting up the ARC is very simple, with a little experience it will take you about 2 minutes. Don’t forget to order a complementary link set if you want to link multiple ARC’s together.   Make it round and light it up This bar fits in you car and leaves room for a lot more. With the corner pieces and the modular RGB LED lighting it is possible to set up this bar in no-time and give it any colour you want. One LED controller and remote can control up to 10 meters of bar.   Options; Black or White Colour    weight 16 kg max. load 50 kg volume reduction 95%   Accessories Available on request; Bag to carry up to 3 ARC’s, ARC link, to link multiple ARCs Customization;  Printable, exchangeable banner, stickering  

Five Star Portugal 🇵🇹 ORBSEO 🇬🇧

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