Updated: Dec 18, 2019


The privilege of dreaming.

Close your eyes and there it is! The Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition is astonishing, magnificent and admirable, as only the finest works of art can be. The golden glow provided by the most magnificent 18k yellow gold plate, shines from every single angle; it is impossible to hide such beauty, for this jewel is made of the very material, from which dreams are made.

This crib is designed to lift her dreams beyond the stars. If your love for her is so high, why not take her a little closer, through the Dodo Bassinet? This is a truly unique pearl, created exclusively for those capable of making all of their dreams come true.


Your prince or princess deserves a unique welcome to this world.

We have created this precious jewel in the shape of a pacifier. A delight for senses, totally handcrafted in 18 carat gold and diamonds that you, the proud mom, will be delighted to wear when withdrawing the nipple, as it becames then a splendorous clip or pendant.

The first jewel for your baby. A charming memory to have by your heart, just where love sounds as the sweetest melody.

The unstained look. The purest gold and the brightness of the finest diamonds, individually engaged. The loving patience of our experienced jewellers. A real treasure made from extraordinary materials that is a symbol of the eternal and wholehearted love that only parents can have for their children.


The world's most expensive baby bottle

Pure 18k yellow gold watermarks and diamond flashes embrace this shining baby bottle, which represents a mother’s delicacy and resistance, with the gloss that only the purest yellow gold possesses.

Cradling your baby, whilst you lovingly bottle-feed her, is one of the most memorable experiences for parents around the world to treasure. That moment becomes even more magical, with our Doll Bottle personalised baby gift. This unique treasure, lovingly engraved with your baby’s name in a captivating, ergonomic design, is available in five different sizes.

This baby bottle is a jewel and a refined decorative piece, inspired by Russian dolls, is an expression of the most exquisite sensitivity.

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