Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Covered in leather and embossed, each Luxury Bespoke Leather Scrabble Set is an individual piece of art. Georges & Monica Bloumels combine talent, high standards and know-how to create this masterpiece of detail, elegance and refinement. It is sure to delight lovers of exceptional pieces, expert and amateurs Scrabble players alike. 

Made in France. Luxury Bespoke Leather Scrabble Set. The board is made up of 250 magnets. These are covered in tiny pieces of soft lambskin leather, as are the metal tiles. The latter are embossed in gold-colored type and come in a goatskin pouch. Gold-plated brass trim and leather tile racks complete the range of beautiful materials used. Available in English, French, Spanish and Other Language.


Lambskin squares, tiles and board surround handmade,

Underside of board in purple silk with disk for rotating board

4 racks for letter tiles

Letter tiles contained in velvet pouch

Saddle hide box for storing letter tiles 7 racks


Length - 50cm /20"

Height - 50cm / 20"

GEORGES & MONICA BLOUMELS from Les Thuiles, France

We dedicate our work to lovers of exceptional pieces

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