Tetra Hotel - The Worlds Most Futuristic Hotel

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Tetra Hotel: Could this be the world’s most futuristic hotel?

Date – WSP’s newly created Design Studio unveils plan for what might just be the world’s most futuristic-looking hotel. Brainchild of award-winning practice Innovation Imperative, the eye-catching modular and sustainable hotel will feature around 42 suites in modular pods, as well as space for art and design exhibitions and fairs for global nomads and design-lovers alike.

An extension of Innovation Imperative’s previous project the Tetra Shed modular office pod, the hotel will be located in a geographically stunning location, aiming to provide a carbon neutral autonomous structure with sustainable agriculture and forest management at its core. Current locations under consideration include Cape Verde, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Hungary and the UK. The first hotel location is to be revealed this summer with others to come.

A team of engineers at WSP is providing multi-disciplinary engineering services on the Tetra Hotel providing a proof of concept study.

Each 19 metre-high pod will feature multiple floors with the top storing a large bed set under a skylight while a shower will be located just below it. A third platform will feature a couch for entertaining, and just beneath it at the bottom of the pod there will be a secluded working area with a full desk. The hotel will also include bars, restaurants, spaces for markets, exhibitions and fairs that have been designed to attract and promote talented designers and creative from around the world.

But the hotel is not just about being another pretty façade. With sustainability at its core Tetra Hotel has been engineered to be as low energy as possible with a view of making the build completely off grid and independent. As advised by WSP, the hotel will use local sea water for cooling and solar thermal panels for ho