If you had the ultimate modern minimal villa, lived in the most beautiful beach swept place in Europe (Grandola Portugal) and drove the most amazing Italian sports-car, what yacht would you own?

Well, i will decide for you, you're going to have the RIVA 88 Domino Super.

RIVA's are the Gods of luxury Italian cruising with a pedigree going back to when the Riva boatyard was established in 1842 on Lake Iseo in Sarnico-Italy. It's also a mini super yacht so no need to feel embarrassed about being too ostentatious. It's positively restrained in it's size are decor. No gold ornaments, just beautifully designed furnishings & fittings in polished steel, leather, walnut & rosewood veneers. Not to mention lashings of laquered surfaces & glass. 

The new Riva coupé yacht can boast performance values  at the top of its class. In the standard version, the yacht is equipped with two MTU 16V 2000, 2435 Mhp engines, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 38 knots and a cruising speed of 34 knots. As an option, two MTU 16V 2000, 2638 Mhp engines can be installed instead, pushing the yacht up to 40 knots and ensuring a cruising speed of 35 knots. So in layman's terms that's a top speed of between 44 to 46 mph, wow.

The Riva 88 Domino Super has a retail price of €6,038,000 plus VAT, pretty much equal to a well kitted out Mews home in Holland Park. I know what I would choose, the RIVA 88 Domino Super every time.



It is Super, and not just because it is extraordinary, but also because this suffix, in Riva yachts names, marks the evolution of the of the Riva species

The 88’ Domino Super - the heir of one of the best sellers in the brand’s sporty line.


"The 88’ Domino Super has an equally ambitious and fascinating task" - explains Ferretti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, Stefano de Vivo. “The new coupé is much more than simply a restyling. It is the result of a painstaking design process aimed at further improving a very successful model, which can boast a sales record of approximately twenty hulls produced and sold all over the World. The outcome of this process can now be admired on the 88’ Domino Super, as well as the 88’ Florida, which we will be proud to present on the same occasion. These two new models will brighten the Summer season and will be in the spotlight - together with the third new Riva, the 76' coupé - at the next ‘Cannes Yachting Festival, where they will be presented to the public".


The 88’ Domino Super sets new standards in the yachting sector in terms of style, comfort and performance. Boasting an overall length of 26.70 meters (87.7’) and a beam of 6.30 meters (20.8’) it is the result of the cooperation between Officina Italiana Design - the design firm led by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta that pencils the entire Riva range - and Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department.


This yacht immediately strikes the eye for its slender, streamlined profile, which is further highlighted by the colour of the hull, a dark grey that has been named ‘London Grey’. The same innovative colour.

shade can also be found in some deck details and harmoniously contrasts the light grey (‘Moon Grey) of the superstructure.


Other important design solutions bear witness to the great value of this evolution:

  • the highlights the yacht’s sporty character, while offering guests additional comfort;

  • the has been moved to the central part of the boat and has a very limited size, thereby making room for a large sofa at the bow;

  • the featuring a very aggressive design, extends across the yacht, almost like an arrow, from the central part of the boat to the extreme bow; the stainless steel plate bearing the Riva logo, just in the middle of the glazing, is the 'seal’ on this masterpiece;

  • the fully-restyled completes the yacht’s dynamic features; its outstanding technical equipment and solutions perfectly harmonize with the craft’s sporty look and offer additional comfort to all guests, making technical operations extremely easy.


“Dynamism and brightness, to let speed take the guests' breath away and nature soothe their senses with its beauty. This is what I have in mind when I describe the 88' Domino Super" - stated designer Mauro Micheli. “And this first impression is joined by great satisfaction for all the solutions that we, from Officina Italiana Design, and the Riva and Ferretti Group engineers and designers have managed to refine further on an already largely appreciated model. I am referring to the elegant hull shade and the sophisticated light and dark colour contrasts in both the exterior and interior décor, as well as to the interiors, flooded with natural light. All these solutions stir deep emotions in me and I can't wait to see them ‘live’ in the sea, the yacht's natural habitat".



Extensive changes increasing the guests' comfort and making the crew's work much easier can immediately be noticed in the aft area.

The transom, which can be lowered completely into the water, offers a convenient platform to dive into t