Stone + Traverstine House



Stone + Traverstine House is a simple house. A long and narrow box is gently poised on the ground. Four other boxes, almost cubic, emerge from the long box in an accentuated asymmetry.


Basically a long slab is folded to shape the main volume. This folded slab is sliced in order to allow the creation of patios and the emplacement of some volumes. The folded slab terminates at a deep and porous plan created by a homogeneous set of narrow columns. 


This house deals with memory and light. Deals with the memory of some classical  and oriental traditional architecture. In a classical manner several spaces are organized trough axial composition. The south facade, a long and almost endless colonnade, encloses the external space around the swimming pool. Playing ironically with the notion of the Propylaea marks in a clear manner the public and the private space. Both colonnades of this patio - swimming pool and the living room - enhances the axiality and suggest a symmetric space. 


The deepness of the colonnades accentuate the transitions between inside/outside or public/private external spaces. Those deep transitions are clearly linked to some adjacent spaces or circulations, enhancing alternative uses and perspective framings. At both east and west sides two large verandas act as deep frames of the external surroundings. The oriental and traditional notion of the Kyokai and Engawa transition spaces are suggested all trough the house. 


The arrangement of the several elements of the program have been organized in a manner that creates tree patios around the house itself. A east and north patios at basement level and a west patio at ground level, increasing the users space and perspectives possibilities.



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